Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

The world of Internet was invented by US department of Defiance in 1969 we all heard about www. world in 1989 since that time many companies have been tried to find the way for people to be able to communicate and connected together. Talking about connecting, the only hot topic you hear from all Internet marketers oh well to everyone at the moment is “Social Media”.

Before we walk you through the internet marketing we want to explain a bit more about “Social Media”

What really is Social Media?

Social Media is the social interaction of media publishing. There is more definition about social media for easy understanding social media is social interaction for co-creation of value.

The main major becoming the successful social media marketer is building the value and trust by becoming an expert in the topic or niche area and become influence in that area.

Below is some example of Social Media lists:

  • Facebook & Twitter
  • Blogs
  • VDO, podcasting
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Message broads, Wiki’s and forums
  • Flickr
  • (review)
  • Stumpup
  • Rojo
  • Yelp
  • Myspace / YouTube
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • LinkedIn
  • And much more


What really is Social Media manager?

Social media manager is present as “Party Planner”

Let say if you want to have a big celebrate party for company or your birthday and you might need a hand from someone who can organize everything in place and make the even smoothly

As you want your party to be fun and everyone in the party will enjoy every month!

Same way with Social Media manager, who make sure everyone on the guest list is invited.

What is the responsibility for social media manager?

  • Making sure that everyone on the guest list is invited
  • Get and provide the important message( information) out
  • Supporting the owner or the company needs required
  • Coordinate logistic on behalf of the owner or the company
  • Facilitate the party going smoothly so host/owner/company can relax and connect with their guess
  • Be invisible and make sure making the host look good and well present

Talking about keeping the company shining to the public social media need to keep profile freshly updated, become customer service front line of defense and contribute content for the maximum visibility to the public, building and connecting with active following and knowledge of the digital transfer

Why use Social media?

Social media has become part of daily life people like to be active and participate. Not to mention that if Facebook were a country they would be the 3nd largest in the world.

There are lots of internet strategies that you can use to receive free traffic using social media.

So how to start with “Social Media Marketing”?

As above mentioned that there are so many social media marketing/Social marketing


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