What We Do

This is the good change for local business to bring their business in the next level.

*  Most effective online marketing strategy

* Online marketing channels suitable for your market


* Social Media

* Mobile Marketing channels

* Consultant all in one package

* Ads, creative contents… and much more…

Internet Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategy that we will provide to your company it will be the most effective way and with guaranteed that you will receive more customers.


Social Media Manager service

Social Media Marketing

Google campaign


Search Engine Advertising

Creative Writing

Website Development / Software programming

Outsourcing and much more…

Quality website set up

Google Place page analysis and consultation

Local marketing :

  • Set up local listing
  • Make sure all elements are there to get top placement
  • Mobilise your business
  • Make existing site mobile ready

Create mobile site/landing page

QR code campaign setup

QR code campaign monitoring and running

Create mobile coupon(s)

Mobile coupon campaign

Set up Text messaging

Set up money trap on Facebook fan page

Facebook Ads campaign ( Research and monitor)

Twitter Profile set up

Twitter manager ( Tools)

LinkedIn set up

Additional social network set up :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yulp
  • LinkedIn
  • Hubpages
  • Myspace,…
  • much more

SEO website design ( Web 2.0 , web 3.0)

We design websites that work for your business target market. It comes with SEO package

( Normally start from $500 – $2,500        monthly)

Forums and articles marketing

Creative writing focusing on SEO and potential keywords

Mobile marketing : QR Code, sms marketing, Facebook with Mobile marketing

Outsourcing : Programming, web development, project management